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Tiba Resort P4 Is A Nice And Clean Rental Apartment

Tiba Resort P4, in fact one of our most popular holiday rentals in Hurghada, is considered nice and clean.

Not by ourselves, of course we think so, but by our guests booking their stay online.

This time, for example, our guest Jonathan found our poolside holiday rental at Tiba Resort very nice and clean.

Jonathan, for one thing, is a returning guest having stayed in one of our short-term rentals at Sheraton Plaza before.

“Apartment P4 at Tiba Resort is a nice, simple, and clean apartment right next to the pool.”

Returning guests, the most compelling for guest satisfaction, is getting a more frequent occurrence.

Not that we are complaining by far, in fact, we are basking in the good reviews that we are receiving for our nice and clean vacation rentals in Hurghada.

Jonathan is, another key point of course, a frequent visitor to Hurghada as he runs a kitesurfing service.

Nice And Clean Holiday Rental in Hurghada - Tiba Re -sort P4 - Great Reviews - Book on

New, Fresh, Nice And Clean Holiday Rentals in Hurghada

Jonathan’s stay at Sheraton Plaza was, by all means, very good if we may say so ourselves but the words are actually his own.

Taking care of our guests staying in our nice and clean vacation rentals in Hurghada, all things considered, is top priority.

With all the new kitchenware and investments we have done, by and large, things should really feel clean  and new indeed.

“Everything inside the apartment is clean and new.”

Tiba Resort P4, alongside the large two swimming pools and the two smaller kids pools, is a family studio.

Since we put in a sofa bed, all nice and clean, Tiba Resort can house up to 4 persons.

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A Nice And Clean Place To Stay Close To El Gouna

Not only are you close to the beach, but you are also quite close to bustling El Gouna.

With a rental apartment being able to house up to 4 persons, under those circumstances, it’s a super win during the El Gouna Film Festival.

With only 400m to the public beach, in fact with ideal weather conditions for kitesurfing, you are even more golden.

“Close enough to the sea that you can walk there.”

Taking a taxi to El Gouna is easy and simple, comparatively to our rental apartments, which are also easy to book, simple, nice and clean.

Among the several facilities at Tiba Resort, in addition to the big swimming pools, you find the Tiba Resort Store.

Excellent for everyday purchases, furthermore, when you have access to all the kitchenware that we offer our guests.

“Also has a small mini-market. Highly recommend!”

Holiday rentals in Hurghada should be nice and clean by default, however, many hosts doesn’t adhere to that.

For us, by the same token, offering fresh and clean short-term rental apartments is the lowest standard to be met.

However, we are surpassing that standard by far.

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Book Your Stay @ Tiba Resort Hurghada Online

To book your very own stay at Tiba Resort P4, in reality, you are only 6 clicks away.

You can also choose any of the booking websites below;

  • Expedia
  • Agoda
  • Vrbo
  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor

Always, above all, check out our running deals and promotions on our promotions page.

You can find a nice and clean bargain on our holiday rentals in Hurghada around the web.



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