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Book In Just 6 Clicks

Our award-winning vacation and holiday rentals in Hurghada are both guest friendly and easier to book in just 6 clicks is hard to find anywhere online even among the most optimized booking websites such as Airbnb.

We have worked hard to make it as easy as possible for our guests to book an affordable stay in Hurghada online with a reputable host operating in Hurghada since 2017 with many happy and returning guests.

As we are becoming increasingly more well-known and reputable locally and internationally, it is important to us that the simplicity in its finest on all levels shines through.

For that reason, a fast and smooth booking process is of the outmost importance even though we don’t have any impact on the booking process on other booking websites we have listed our holiday rentals in Hurghada on.

Even more, to be able to book in just 6 clicks ensures a fast process to book an affordable stay in Hurghada with the ease and speed that we are continuously aiming for.

Consequently, we have spent a vast amount of time, not only improving our rental apartments with a lot of goodies and amenities, optimizing our website for speed and simplicity.

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Book In Just 6 Fast Clicks

Firstly, find the holiday rental in Hurghada that seems to fit your purpose and location.

Don’t worry, all our vacation rentals in Hurghada have modern facilities such as swimming pools, hair dryers, washing machines, satellite TV, kitchenettes, microwaves, fridge and much more no matter which one you choose.

Secondly, fill out the dates that you wish to stay and find out if that particular rental apartment is available or get a list of viable alternatives.

Thirdly, fill out some basic contact data and we will be right in touch to make all necessary arrangements, confirm pricing, perhaps even with a weekly or monthly discount, and sort out the payment and conditions.

Most importantly, you will know that you are booking your holiday rental in Hurghada with a reputable and award winning host in addition to being an Official Preferred Partner since 2020.

Holiday Rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort - Book in Just 6 Clicks - -

We Are Better Than Airbnb (On Clicks At Least)

On Airbnb, you can also book our vacation rentals in Hurghada online but forget to be able to book in just 6 clicks.

Truthfully, we did a test booking on Airbnb and we are well above 10+ clicks to book an accommodation in Hurghada which makes us “better” than Airbnb.

Seemingly, such small things might not be important to others but it’s exactly things like that we are aiming to be better on.

For us, it’s all in the very small details that makes a fully-fledged smooth booking experience and a comfortable stay for our valued guests from all over the world.

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Book A Heavenly Stay in Just 6 Clicks

Our budget accommodation in Hurghada located at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza by The New Marina in central Hurghada with fast free WIFI, are now available to book in just 6 clicks all year around.

Imagine being close to El Gouna at Tiba Resort in particular during main events such as the El Gouna Film Festival and, most importantly, at a fraction of the price for a stay in El Gouna during the festival.

Our three rental apartments at Tiba Resort in Hurghada ranges from being poolside, with the possibility of staying up to 4 persons, to being located at the very top floor with amazing pool views and private balcony.

In similar fashion, you book a stay in just 6 clicks and find yourself in the very heart of Hurghada by the New Marina at Sheraton Plaza.

Our modern studios, Sheraton Plaza 414 and Sheraton Plaza 415, the latter being an award-winning rental and a Preferred Partner Property at, are simply priceless.

The high standard, the fast WIFI, the swimming pool, the closeness to private beaches such as El Sakia, and Sheraton Plaza’s extremely central location, you are simply golden on so many levels.

Lastly, make sure that you check-out our deals and promotions as you never know what you might find around the web.



You can book a fully furnished holiday rental in Hurghada with free WIFI and well equipped kitchenette at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road by the New Marina on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Vrbo, Agoda, and for rental rates as low as only €15/day and even lower during promotions.

Payment options includes 50+ cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash.

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Tiba Resort: From €15 / Daily

Sheraton Plaza: From €21 / Daily

Subject to availability, Payment options & Terms

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