Egyptian Pound

The Egyptian Pound

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Useful information and advice when it comes to the local currency, the Egyptian Pound.
Egyptian Currency - Pay Cash when Renting an Apartment in Hurghada with

Egyptian Currency

Egyptian Pound (LE) is the local currency with the code EGP.

The Egyptian Pound is mainly a paper currency and there are various denominations divided into Pounds and Piasters.

The smaller the denomination, the smaller its physical size.

In late 2016, Egypt let the Egyptian Pound float freely against the US Dollar causing the value of the Egyptian Pound to loose 50% of its value over night.

That is excellent for tourists and expats who wants to spend time in Hurghada and perhaps wants to rent an apartment in Hurghada to get a bang for their buck on top of our already low rental rates for all our services.

When you rent an apartment with us online, you can choose to pay for your Hurghada holiday rental using various payment options.

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Currency Recommendations

- You can find ATM`s all over Hurghada, particularly in tourist areas such as around the New Marina.

- Many European currencies can be exchanged in banks and at exchange offices in Hurghada.

- In some stores, you can pay using Euros, British Punds or US Dollars.

- It is advisable to have some Egyptian Punds when arriving in Egypt.

- Credit and debit cards are accepted but less so than you might be used to.

- Most valid cards are VISA and Mastercard. American Express is less widespread in Hurghada and Egypt in general.

- Try and get smaller bills and keep some change with you. Getting change can be tricky and taxis can be "short" of change very often.

- Tipping is widespread in Egypt. Usually around 10%-15%.

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