Sheraton Road in Hurghada

Sheraton Road in Hurghada

The Most Famous Street in Hurghada
We have listed a few things to explore on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

One of the main roads, a main artery if you will, through the central parts of the town is Sheraton Road in Hurghada.

Famous among tourists and visitors of all sorts from all around the world to be a sure thing to be close to all the action and goodies that Hurghada has to offer and even more so a place to find an excellent vacation rental as you are so close to everything.

Sheraton Road in Hurghada is one of the absolute oldest streets in Hurghada and boasts a huge array of venues of all sorts and kinds.

Restaurants and Bars on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

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There is a huge quantity of restaurants, bars, cafés and everything in between when it comes to food, beverages and refreshments on Sheraton Road in Hurghada.

You name it and it is there.

Fast food, seafood, Chinese food, local Egyptian cuisine, Mediterranean food, falafel, kebab, steaks, vegetarian, Spanish food, Italian, pizzas, Greek food and the list just goes on and on.

All along Sheraton Road in Hurghada there are restaurants, cafés and eateries and when you add the fact that the New Marina is alongside Sheraton Road, the number of venues goes from big to huge.

A few places worth mentioning:

Star Fish
Located very close to our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza and the most famous and popular seafood restaurant in Hurghada along with Al Halaka.

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Al Halaka
As described above this seafood restaurant on Sheraton Road in Hurghada are very popular with excellent seafood located almost at the north end of Sheraton Road.

KFC and McDonalds
These two popular fast food chains are within walking distance of our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza in central Hurghada.

A very popular and cheap, cheap as in it does not cost much, Egyptian fast food chain serving falafels, kebabs and the like and it is absolutely delicious.

There is a GD located only 100m from our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza in Hurghada which, it itself, is a reason to stay there.

Moby Dick
Absolutely great food such as steaks, meats, hamburgers, pasta with excellent quality and extremely well cooked to your liking.

Moby Dick has the best camel steak in Hurghada and, what is even better, located only 150m from Sheraton Plaza where you can book an affordable holiday rental online in the town centre.

China Town
Walk five minutes from our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza in central Hurghada and you will stumble on China Town where they serve, you guessed it, Chinese food proven to be very popular among local expats and tourists.

Samos Greek Taverna
Yet again, to show how close you are to everything when staying in our rental apartments at Sheraton Plaza, you are just 250m away from excellent Greek food at Samos Greek Taverna serving you with delicious dishes.

Great pizzas and pasta and a very popular Italian restaurant located at the New Marina which is just a two minutes walk from our rental apartments at Sheraton Plaza Hurghada.

Caribbean Bar
Bella Vista is a very popular hotel on Sheraton Road in Hurghada and it also houses one of the most popular bars in Hurghada, namely the Caribbean Bar. Excellent cocktails, wines, cold beers and great food.

Retro Pub
Further south on Sheraton Road from the Bella Vista hotel and Caribbean Bar, you find this pub and restaurant known for their low-priced steak Mondays with wine included. Very popular among expats and a sure place to be for watching sports from all around the world.

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And don’t forget the say hello to the house dog.

Even further south on Sheraton Road in Hurghada than Retro Pub, you must simply visit Granada serving you with excellent, and we do mean excellent, food of all kinds and a view to die for.

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Shishas are of course readily available as well.

The New Marina Close to Sheraton Road in Hurghada

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At the end, or at the beginning depending on who you ask but we keep it simple and say it is on the north side of Sheraton Road in Hurghada, you find the very well-known marina called The New Marina.

Apart from being the place to spot fabulous boats and yachts, you find that the marina is filled with restaurants and bars from north to south and in between.

The New Marina is seen as one of the most important, and well known, landmarks in Hurghada.

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Any kind of cuisine that you can think of have a home at The New Marina in Hurghada and our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza are located only a mere two minute walk from all the glory at the marina.

This major landmark in Hurghada is a must to visit when visiting Hurghada and we are very sure it will become a favorite place for several visits.

The Most Famous Walking Street in Hurghada, Sherry Street

Not only are Sheraton Road in Hurghada a hotspot for, well, anything you can think of, but it is also the main street leading to another hotspot, namely Sherry Street.

Sherry Street in Hurghada has grown to become a very popular place to visit and very beautiful during evening and night time.

Sherry Street is considered to be one of the nicest streets along Sheraton Road in Hurghada so really want to point out how well it is worth visiting.

There are quite a few shopping venues on Sherry Street along with food of all kinds including oriental snacks that are very tasty.

If you want to find a holiday rental in central Hurghada, we can recommend our rental apartments at Sheraton Plaza located only 150m from Sherry Street and very easy to get to.

Sherry Street is a true walking street so there will be no cars disturbing the nice atmosphere.

Shopping on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

Since you are on the main street, there are tons of places for shopping no matter what you are looking for.

Everything from the charming Tito Karkabah antique shop to the new Hurghada City Center shopping mall and everything in between.

There are so many places to shop in along Sheraton Street in Hurghada that we simply can’t mention them all but do your research.

When staying in our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza in central Hurghada, you are just meters away from great shopping and convenience.

Private Beaches on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

Even if Sheraton Road is one of the main arteries in Hurghada, you are never far away from a beach even if you stay in an accommodation such as Sheraton Plaza in Hurghada.

The private beaches are accessible for a fee but well worth it and you find them all along Sheraton Road.

There is a private beach only 150m from our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza Hurghada and the popular Marina Beach & Pool, a very nice place with both beach and swimming pool, are merely a few minutes walk away right next to the New Marina on the south side.

Further south on Sheraton Road, you have White Beach and the Yacht Club.

Mosques on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

The beautiful Al Mina Masjid Mosque is a must to visit and is one of the more popular places to visit in Hurghada among tourists and locals.

Remember that there is a strict dress code when visiting the Al Mina mosque in Hurghada and that is men wearing long pants and women covering their knees, shoulders and hair.

Dresses for women can be borrowed just outside the mosque so not to worry.

No shoes allowed inside for anyone.

The newly renovated Al-Rahim mosque is located 350m from our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza in Hurghada and is a true gem with very nice architecture.

Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

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Our holiday rentals on Sheraton Road in Hurghada, Sheraton Plaza, are located in the very heart of the town.

Our three vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza in central Hurghada are located only a two minutes’ walk to the very well-known hotspot the New Marina in Hurghada.

In addition, the Hurghada apartments at Sheraton Plaza have a mere distance of 75m to Sheraton Road in Hurghada and is close to basically anything imaginable such as;

- Banks
- ATM’s
- Pharmacies
- Supermarkets
- McDonalds (150m)
- GAD (100m)
- Moby Dick (150m, absolute best camel steaks in Hurghada)
- Souvenir shops
- Jewelries
- Juice bars
- Cafés
- Bags
- Perfumes
- Leather items
- Cloth
- Toys
- Tailors
- All kinds of shops
- 150m to the famous walking street, Sherry Street
- Private beaches
- The New Marina
- Countless restaurants, bars and cafés
- Shisha / Hookah all around

The list can be much longer but you get the idea of what kind of limitless shopping possibilities Sheraton Road in Hurghada has to offer.

Don’t forget to visit the fish market on the very north end of Sheraton Road.

Accommodations on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

There are many hotels along Sheraton Street in Hurghada ranging from five star to budget accommodation and numerous holiday rentals by private hosts being listed on websites such as AirBnB, HomeAway, Expedia, TripAdvisor and

All our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza Hurghada will be listed on the above rental websites so make sure you head over to our booking page, choose your apartment and book securely online.

Supermarkets on Sheraton Road in Hurghada

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If you like convenience, you will love living on, or close to, Sheraton Road with all their supermarkets spread around,

You have the Carrefour at the City Center Shopping Mall but you also have a large number of supermarkets all along Sheraton Road in Hurghada along with small market places everywhere.

El Souk Mall, Metro Market, World of Sweet, Abu Ashara Supermarket are just a few worth mentioning.

Our holiday rentals in Hurghada at Sheraton Plaza, due to its excellent location and the fact that each rental apartment has a kitchenette, are perfect to cook your own food in if you get tired of the many restaurants and cafés just outside of your doorstep.

Selected holiday rentals in Hurghada

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