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This might be the best spot on the web if you are looking for great promotions for fully furnished holiday rentals in Hurghada with free WIFI. Great deals and discounts are offered both on our website on the major rental platforms that we are listed on. Visit this very page often for the latest promotions.

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Non-Refundable Price Plans:
- At least 10% discount on our listed standard rates

Mobile Rates:
- At least 10% discount when you book via the app or using a mobile device (stackable with the non-refundable price plan)

Member Discount:
- At least 10% discount when you book via the app or using a mobile device (stackable with the non-refundable price plan and Mobile Rates)

Please note that Genius loyalty members gets an additional stackable discount.

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Tiba Resort

- Poolside studio with small patio @ Tiba Resort
- Studio with private balcony and pool view @ Tiba Resort
- Top floor with balcony and panoramic pool views @ Tiba Resort

Sheraton Plaza

- Top floor balcony studio with pool view
- Spacious studio with pool view
- Large 78sqm rental apartment ideal for 2-4 persons with two double beds, two WC/shower, two kitchenettes, etc. Closable door for privacy between units.

Genius Loyalty Members

Additional discounts available for loyal Genius members

There is even more fun going on if you are a Genius member on, then you get an additional discount, stackable to most other deals and promotions, on all our eligible and enrolled holiday rentals in Hurghada listed on

- Level 1 members (2 stays or more) can get a 10% discount

- Level 2 members (5 stays or more) can get a 15% discount

- Level 3 members (55 stays or more) can get a 25% discount

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Sheraton Plaza

- Sheraton Plaza 415 - Pool view studio by the New Marina

Tiba Resort

- Poolside studio with small patio @ Tiba Resort
- Studio with private balcony and pool view @ Tiba Resort
- Top floor with balcony and panoramic pool views @ Tiba Resort

Expedia Promotions


We have multiple and stackable discounts going on Expedia for a really good deal.

For all the good members of Expedia, we have a standing 10% discount to all Expedia members which is stackable to other promotions.

In addition, we also have a Early Booker deal of an additional 10% if you book at least a day before check-in which is not a tough qualification if we may say so ourselves.

Visit the Expedia booking page for Sheraton Plaza

Visit the Expedia booking page for Tiba Resort

AirBnB Deals


Since early 2017, we have been listing our holiday rentals in Hurghada on Airbnb via a partner but now we have listed them on our own host page on Airbnb.

Non-Refundable Price Plan

Get a nice 10% discount when you book under the non-refundable price plan for all our rental apartments listed on Airbnb.

Non-Refundable Discount

Get a 10% discount on all our apartments when you book under the non-refundable price plan.

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All our holiday rentals in Hurghada are listed on Airbnb and can be found on our Airbnb host page.

Agoda Promotions


Since early 2020, we have been listing our holiday rentals in Hurghada on well-known Agoda.

The first three (3) bookings on each property will enjoy a very nice 33% discount.

Book Your Vacation Rental in Hurghada On Agoda

- Poolside studio with small outside patio @ Tiba Resort (P4)
- Studio with pool view balcony @ Tiba Resort (E4)
- Top floor with panoramic pool views and private balcony @ Tiba Resort (C34)

- Pool view studio with balcony @ Sheraton Plaza (414)
- Pool view studio @ Sheraton Plaza (415)
- Large 79 sqm apartment with two of everything (beds, kitchenettes, bathroom) - Ideal for 2-4prs @ Sheraton Plaza (414/415)

Website Deals


You can choose to book directly with us, directly from the horses mouth so to speak, if you want to enjoy an array of convenient payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Local EGY/EU/US Bank Transfers and Cryptocurrencies.

Current Deals & Promotions

Scroll down below and check out our deals for kitesurfers or when paying with leading cryptocurrency.

Pay With Cryptocurrency


If you book with us directly, one of the special deals that we have running is to get a 10% discount if you pay with any of the 50+ cryptocurrencies that we support such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin and Dogecoin.



Our holiday rentals in Hurghada located at Tiba Resort and Tiba View are very close to both Fly High Kiteboarding and Playkite Kiteboarding School in addition to being close to the public beach with ideal weather conditions for kiteboarding.

If you are a customer of Fly High Kiteboarding or Playkite, you will enjoy a nice 10% discount when you book any of our rental apartments at Tiba Resort or Tiba View with us directly.

In addition, since our holiday rentals in Hurghada at both Tiba View and Tiba Resort are located so close to El Gouna, and the very well known Sliders Cable Park, we offer the 10% discount to all clients enjoying Sliders Cable Park including their parties.

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My booking with this property has been fantastic. The help I received from the owner was wonderful. Highly recommended
Brian Freestone
10:12 01 Sep 18
Very nice rental apartments and holiday rentals throughout Hurghada. Some are located very close to the New Marina. Very well maintained and the they really go that extra mile to be very supportive in any way they can. They also have a very helpful Arabic and English speaking team locally in Hurghada that also goes several extra miles to make your stay even better in any way they can. They also offer other helpful services such as private airport transfer which are very useful and check-ins are very smooth. I can really recommend using this rental company for holiday rentals and long-term more
Stand Down AB - Virtuella Rundvandringar
09:14 05 Jul 18
I was recently spending a week in Hurghada with work and needed somewhere well located close to both Hurghada and El Gouna as well as being affordable. This apartment ticked the boxes and looked well furnished on the photos so I went ahead and booked it.Being only around 15-20 minutes from the airport was a real bonus after all the travelling and the first impressions of the apartment were even better than the photos. Had a quality nights sleep that night and every night since, wish i could bring the bed home with me.I did not spend too much time inside the apartment but each night after work I looked forward so much to getting on that bed and watching an hour of TV before drifting off.The resort itself is quiet yet beautiful, two large swimming pools and a poolside cafe where I spent each morning enjoying a coffee and checking up on all my emails. The girls who run the cafe, Jo and Debs are really friendly and make the best bbq cheese burger :) I will certainly be looking to book this apartment again on my next trip, highly recommended, great priceread more
Thomas Yates
11:31 27 Dec 17
I got a chance to visit the units in Sheraton Plaza, although not finished as of yet but I have a feeling it will be phenomenal given the location which is prime and super close to the New Marina and the detail of the finishing of the building. The host has quite an eye for detail and I can see that he is trying to make sure that the units is perfect. I look forward to visiting this place again when it is completed.Apart from the Sheraton Plaza, I also visited Tiba Resort, a cozy ambiance that gives out a friendly vibe to all the guests. The complex offers more than just a nice pool, they also have a cafe which serves good homemade pizzas and burgers, not to mention that the ladies at the cafe are doing an excellent job serving good variety of food.I have much confidence so far in the Tibas and been impressed with their service and quality, I can just tell that the people behind these projects have nothing but passion and dedication to offer good projects. I expect nothing less of the Tiba View too, I can’t wait to visit more and more of them in the more
Apple Kaewprasert
19:47 18 Dec 17

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Holiday Rentals
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Holiday Rentals in Hurghada,
Sheraton Road,Hurghada,Red Sea-25100,
Telephone No.+44 745 128 6134
Our holiday rentals in Hurghada are offered at great deals and promotions on the many booking websites we have partnered so get a bargain online on Airbnb,, Expedia, Vrbo, Agoda, and TripAdvisor.

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Our Base Rates

Tiba Resort Studios:

From €19/day

Tiba Resort P4 For 3-4prs:

From additional €7/per person/day above the included 2prs to sleep in sofa bed

Sheraton Plaza Studios:

From €24/day

Sheraton Plaza Large Apartment For 2-4prs:

From €45/day

Tiba View T89:

To be launched in 2023

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Daily price can be higher during:

• Christmas and New Year
• Eid
• Certain special events such as the El Gouna Film Festival

Mandatory one-time cleaning fee for one (1) cleaning done before your stay included a fresh set of towels and linens: €35/stay

Mandatory one-time cleaning fee for one (1) cleaning done before each stay for the Sheraton Plaza large apartment for 2-4prs included a set of fresh towels and linens: €69/stay

Check-in is a time agreed between 3PM. Check-out is a time agreed between 9AM-12PM. Outside of these hours is on a case-by-case basis and subject to additional fees for late/early check-ins and/or check-outs.

Fees for early check-ins / late check-outs (outside of regular hours) covering costs for arranging keys with security, extra gas and staff time, extra trips for visiting guests the following day for checklist, etc; €20 per check-in/check-out + an extra days stay needs to be booked accordingly.

All apartments are freshly cleaned and delivered with one-set of fresh linens and towels upon check-in.