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What we offer

We are early investors in modern resort style studios and residential rental apartments conveniently located in Hurghada close to El Gouna or very central right by Sheraton Road. All our apartments are fully furnished and equipped for you to move right in and call it home. The rest is taken care of. Our goal is to offer great and affordable accommodation. That is what we do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Contact us today for more information.

Who we are

Our team knows everything there is about hotels and hotel rooms and knows the value of a comfortable stay when visiting a destination for business or pleasure with family or friends. We are quite a few based both in Europe, Asia and locally in Hurghada who will take care of you pre-booking, during booking and post-booking. All the team members have a history in hotels, resorts and accommodation. We are professional, at your service and prompt in responding.

Our history

After several years in the international online hotel business, we entered the rental market for vacation homes and apartments. The team behind www.apartmentsinhurghada.com have a long history of living abroad as both tourists and professionals within their trade. From Europe to Asia to Africa and long before anything like AirBnB even existed on paper. It was a natural step for us to enter the new and modern shared economy in exciting and exotic destinations.

Why Hurghada

We visited Hurghada and quickly decided that Hurghada is a market we wanted to enter into and to share this paradise with others without the hassle of having to buy your own home. With everything that Hurghada has to offer, we can honestly say that Hurghada is well worth visit. Best described as a new-born up and coming destination after a few years of having its challenges. Hurghada is still a top destination and offer super great value for money.

Hurghada Tourism

Hurghada tourism is on the up and up after a few years in limbo due to unfortunate events which some are overly exaggerated in media and some even being misreported to something it is not. But thats media for you. Anything to get more clicks or sell hard copies.Egypt flights to double from the UK and Germany in November, 2017 with German FTI leading and doubling its flights from todays 70 to 144.Thomas Cook to attract 1,5 million tourists from the EU in 2018. An increase with 80%. In just 13 days, 79,000 tourists arrived in Hurghada from all around the world.Hurghada International Airport reports significant passenger increase with 87,4% from 230,000 passengers in July, 2016, to 431,000 in 2017.
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Our manifesto

Turning every guest’s stay into emotional experiences!

Dear guest,
On the pleasant shores of the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea, about 450 kilometers from the bustling capitol Cairo, stands several large, proud, vacation homes, resorts and residential dream homes. The cool Red Sea breeze cools the façades of Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza and before them stretches the Red Sea beaches. Since the early 1980`s, Hurghada has become a popular summer resort of notable and fashionable people; merely three decades ago it was a small pittoresque fishing village. Now, many people consider this old fishing village their home. Their dream coming true. We can make your dream come true. Dont´t just go there. Live there. Live the dream and claim your piece of paradise. You are worth it.

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