Wall Of Shame

Why The Wall?

The Wall of Shame is something that has been thought of for years and now implemented. Just as hosts must deliver a good stay, service and high standards, similarly, guests needs to behave, respect the property and hosts and be honest and truthful. Basically, all the responsibilities and standards that a host must fulfill, in like manner, guest(s) have to fulfill. It's a shame this Wall of Shame needs to exist.

The Wall Of Shame

Most guests are beautiful people who appreciate your effort, property and, moreover, the fact that we, and other hosts, go above and beyond for guests. Many times, in contrast, guest(s) misbehave in ways that are damaging for the host(s) where the host(s), at the same time, are being left out to dry with very few ways to fight back unjust behavior and/or reviews. It's time for a change. And that time is now.

How To Qualify?

Guests who qualifies for the Wall of Shame, whereas we only will list the worst, have gone above, and beyond, in one, or several, ways. We do not hang out any guest(s) on the Wall of Shame for the fun of it, in fact, we do not take publishing a guests name in public lightly. But enough is sometimes enough. And we will make sure that each story is down to the detail accurate and truthful.
Marta Guerra Ramon From Seville, Spain - Extort Refund Not To Post Bad Review - Wall of Shame - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -
Marta Guerra Ramon, Seville, Spain


This guest has been reported to Airbnb for extortion as the guest wanted a full refund with the promise of a ”no bad review if you give us a refund”.


Guest booked a stay in our 34 sqm studio apartment.

Staff went through a checklist in the presence of the guest in the unit that ”all is approved” and also ”the cleaning is approved” and Marta signed the checklist that everything was tip-top.

Fast forward 32 hours (!) into the stay, and five personal visits from our staff on site giving extra towels, etc, she ”found”;

- Stains on the only mirror
- Stains on the bathroom door
- A big lump of human hair in the sofa
- Stains on the sheets

She did not mention any of this to our staff paying regular visits.

But she contacted the owner at this point and we explained about the video mentioned below.

Marta Guerra Ramon From Seville, Spain - Extort Refund Not To Post Bad Review - Wall of Shame - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -
Marta Guerra Ramon From Seville, Spain - Extort Refund Not To Post Bad Review - Wall of Shame - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -
Marta Guerra Ramon From Seville, Spain - Extort Refund Not To Post Bad Review - Wall of Shame - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -
Marta Guerra Ramon From Seville, Spain - Extort Refund Not To Post Bad Review - Wall of Shame - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -

To top it off, after a total of 48 hours into the stay, a syringe (!) was all of a sudden mysteriously also found by Marta. Good grief.

Even when Marta was confronted with the fact that we do take a VERY detailed video just before guest(s) check-in, the video showing absolutely no stains, no hair in the sofa (we do pay extra attention filming the sheets and the sofa with closeups for obvious reasons as people tend to ”find” stains/hair in these areas) she did not back down.

She then blatantly REFUSED our staff access to the unit to make an inspection of the claim(s) despite the House Rules, in which she agreed to when booking the stay, explicitly says that a guest must give us access if they report something but she firmly refused.

But, the guest was kind enough to offer us the possibility to give her a FULL REFUND and she would then, quote ”keep my mouth shut”.

Asking Marta what she meant by ”keeping her mouth shut” meant if she was given a full refund was very clear; ”to not to give a bad review”.

Any experienced host can do the math on this one so please think twice before accepting this guest into your property.

Our strong recommendation is to stay FAR AWAY from this guest based on our very horrid experience as a host with the same.

Guests on The Wall of Shame - Guests Misbehaving - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com - David Farhan from Sydney, Australia -
David Farhan, Sydney, Australia

Well, Mr. David Farhan from Sydney, Australia, you made it to the Wall of Shame.


To place someone on the Wall of Shame is a rare occurrence and, notably, quite an achievement.

But we do so as we take a stand.

We take a stand against false reviews where we have no other means of defending ourselves, due to the booking websites policies to not remove even proven false reviews.

So, we, by the same token, want to clarify some things.

Mr. David Farhan gave us a 1 out of 5 review on Expedia and, indeed, we take all reviews and feedback very seriously.

Reviews that are, to point out, accurate and true and, not least. Relevant.

“ The shower and toilette too small, the room between the toilette and the hand wash so small made it difficult to use the toilette, too many cats in the hallways and the street the property on is bad, I had to hire two taxis to find this property. I had to wait one hour to check in as the room wasn't ready even the agreement to check in time was approved by property. “

Let’s start, shall we?

We cannot do anything about the freshly renovated WC/shower that holds a high very standard surpassing most bathroom in Hurghada, not least, comparing to nearby hotels.

We know. We have stayed in those hotels charging €150 and up for a vry mediocre stay.

When you stay with us, we include water, electricity AND fast free WIFI for only €25 (give or take) but that was not considered by Mr. David Farhan from Sydney, Australia.

Cats are a way of life in Egypt, and the cats at Sheraton Plaza (2 of them), are quiet and run away when you approach them.

Sorry that they were such a disturbance to you but you would not even pass them as you take the lift up and they are usually just lying in the stairwell.

Moving on, shall we?

We are sorry that the taxi drivers “didn’t know” where Sheraton Plaza are located despite it being accurately mapped on Google Maps, Bing Maps and we even sent you the exact location but didn’t bother to relay that location.

Sorry that you got scammed by taxis “not knowing” where Sheraton Plaza is located (it is literally as central as you can get in Hurghada) and we are sure that you were taken for a very nice scenic tour, Mr. David Farhan from Sydney Australia, and paid for it accordingly.

Sorry that you got scammed but that does hardly have anything to do with us.

And lastly, the BIG proven lie.

We have a time stamped video at 2.05PM of the unit being 100% cleaned and ready with staff on site.

The agreed check-in time was 3PM.

Yes, Mr. David Farhan from Sydney, Australia, somehow “waited an hour for the room to be ready” when that is provenly not true.

We have reached out to Mr. David Farhan from Australia asking him to comment the review, offered to make the video readily available to him on YouTube but, surprisingly, no reply.

Criticism is good. If it is true and constructive.

However, Mr. David Farhan’s review does not place itself in that category and the reasons for flat out lying can only be explained by himself.

Wictoria Segerskiold From Enköping in Sweden - Wall of Shame - Guests Misbehaving - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -
Wictoria Segerskiöld, Enköping, Sweden

Our first person on this Wall of Shame is Wictoria Segerskiöld from Enköping in Sweden, who booked a stay and booked an extra day so that her boyfriend/husband could move in a day earlier.

Upon his check-in, we carried out our usual checks in the personal presence of the guest.

- Going through a checklist, which he signed, that everything was working from hot water, running water, WIFI, electricity, drains, batteries in remotes, TV, etc.

- Taking a video just before his check-in.

Our staff got called back three (3!) times in that first day of his stay.

"Hot water not working" - He had turned off the water heater for unknown reasons.

"WIFI not working" - Two times staff came back they set it up for him again, and again, and it was working just fine.

Already here, we knew, these guests will be trouble and a good candidate for the Wall of Shame.

And boy, were we right on the money.

In the very apartment right next door, we had another guest, surfing just fine on our well-known WIFI, and so did the subsequent guest in that apartment.

Both left very good reviews by the way.

The day after, when Wictoria Segerskiöld from Enköping in Sweden arrived, she IMMEDIATELY reported the following;

- WIFI not working (same WIFI guests was surfing on that vry moment and checked three times now for the guest and, surprisingly, it worked after each time left the guest.

- Unit is too small (she booked an advertised 40sqm unit which is, surprisingly enough, exactly 40sqm. We think that 40sqm in Sweden is the same as it is in Egyot)

- The running water is brown (see the water in the video)

We told Wictoria Segerskiöld that the WIFI is working just fine but she wanted, lo and behold, partial/full refund for this ordeal or "she would leave a bad review".

Funny enough, Wictoria Segerskiöld could send emails using her phone that, surprisingly, had no WIFI access as she did not have any DATA-SIM hence "she could not reply very fast to our sent emails".

That is one hell of a phone.

Staff went out again, standing outside of the door, connected to the very WIFI that wasn't working, calling via WhatsApp on the very WIFI that wasn't working, to the management.

Wictoria Segerskiöld did not open the door as she knew the jig would be up.

During Wictoria Segerskiölds stay, the lovely couple took the liberty to smoke inside as there were no tomorrow.

The charming couple left the place in complete shambles, a real mess that took hours and hours to clean (it is a studio so you can imagine), leaving early and just left the key so that Wictoria Segerskiöld didn't have to face the music.

Well qualified for the Wall of Shame if you ask us.

Oh, we almost forgot, she stole the hair dryer.

Wictoria Segerskiöld probably wanted it as a souvenir as, the last time we checked, they do not have hair dryers in Enköping, Sweden.

We sent her an email but she pleaded complete ignorance even when we pointed out that we could see their two mobile devices having been connected to the very router they could not connect to, nor surf, but managed to use all the available data.

Wictoria Segerskiöld had a clear motive from the very get go, namely, get some money back or a free stay.

"Or we will leave a bad review".

When that did not work, hence Wictoria Segerskiöld from Enköping in Sweden being on the Wall of Shame, so took the liberty to help herself to our hair dryer and smoking inside.

We gave Wictoria Segerskiöld the opportunity to return the hair dryer and pay for the damages, and that would be the end of it, but she would have non of that.

We take it that the Wall of Shame is a better alternative then.

We also showed her the video taken before check-in, and the signed checklist by her boyfriend which, of course, was brushed off.

Wictoria, you qualify well for being on the Wall of Shame so that we can warn other hosts about your behavior with a clear motive, with the threat of leaving a bad review, to get a full/partial refund.

Wictoria Segerskiöld is not the first, many have tried, and will try again, but enough is enough.

Welcome to the Wall of Shame Wictoria Segerskiöld.

It is well deserved.

If you feel like discussing this post Wictoria, you know how to reach us as we, in like manner, have certainly been reaching out to you.

No need to say, we do NOT recommend any host in the world having Wictoria Segerskiöld as a guest in your valued property.

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