Shopping in Hurghada

Everything from shopping malls to known and unknown spices
Shopping in Hurghada offer many opportunities. Explore the available shopping malls, exciting souks and local basars in Hurghada.
Shopping in Hurghada at the Souq - Rental Apartments Close to Shopping -

Shopping in Hurghada

You can shop in different places in Hurghada, the local market, the souk (or souq), small shops, basars, taxfree and supermarkets.

Shopping Malls

Senzo Mall have everything needed from food and daily necessities to luxury brands. Senzo Mall are located close to the Hurghada International Airport. Hurghada City Center Shopping Mall are located in central Hurghada and is the newest edition to shopping malls in Hurghada launched in 2018 and boasts everything from groceries, restaurants, cinemas and everything in between.

The souk

The souk in Hurghada is located in Al Dahar and is easiest reached by car or taxi. If you are in the mood for fresh vegetables, or fruits, you should get there early. The souk closes when the sun goes down.

Sherry Street

A modern walking street in the centre of Hurghada and located only 200m from our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza. Quite a few shops for both him and her. Everything from oriental food, snacks and spices to electronics to make-up, jewelry and clothes. Well worth a visit.


You can find them all around and be prepared to haggle. Ram Store is a bigger chain with set prices selling souvenirs and is located in Esplanada Mall quite close to Hurghada International Airport.


Supermarkets are everywhere. Most hotels have their own small market and pharmacy. Most major supermarkets in Hurghada are located in Sekalla, New Hurghada and Downtown Hurghada.


Be aware if you want to buy gold in Hurghada as there are many scams out there. Egypt is one of the worlds gold capitols so there are good deals to be made. One chain that can be recommended is El Cristiano Giorgio.

Water pipes (Shishas)

Shishas in all shapes, colors and sizes can be found throughout Hurghada. Make sure that all parts are included when buying and make sure you understand how the shisha works and best maintained. It is strongly recommended to buy tobacco at the same time. It is much cheaper and high quality


At basars you find the local specialities just as you would in the souk. The biggest one being located in the same area as the souk, Al Dahar. The vendors here can be quite pushy but keep your cool and dont act too interested if you find something interesting. Be prepared to haggle until your head turns blue.

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