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We have gathered a few frequently asked questions (F.A.Q) about our holiday rentals in Hurghada. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, feel free to contact us or use the chat by clicking the "Chat with us" button.

Do you have any vacation rentals with swimming pools in Hurghada?

All our holiday rentals at Tiba View, Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza have swimming pools.• Tiba Resort have two large swimming pools and two smaller kids pools • Tiba View have five swimming pools ranging from very large to small and even have a small aqua park with water slides • Sheraton Plaza have one swimming pool which is unusual in central HurghadaYou can book any of them online.

Can you show any reviews or references from previous guests?

Of course. We have plenty of verified reviews posted by happy guests around the web such as on, AirBnB, Expedia, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Google My Business and, of course, on our own website under “Reviews”.We rank very high on Google Search showing that we are a trustable host and we are also an official Preferred Partner.

How can I book and pay for my stay at your holiday rental?

You can book directly on our website and pay by cash, bank transfer (Egypt, Europe, US), PayPal, leading cryptocurrencies and credit cards. Of course, you can also book our holiday rentals on Agoda,, Expedia, AirBnB, TripAdvisor, HomeAway and on our website.

How much are your holiday rentals in Hurghada?

The rental rates starts at about €15 per night and up depending on your preferred holiday rental in question and with a one-time mandatory cleaning fee.We do run occasional promotions on our website and on the major booking websites that we have listed our holiday rentals in Hurghada such as Expedia, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, AirBnB, Expedia, Agoda, and

How do I get to your holiday rentals?

By taxi or we can assist with private airport transfers (extra charge) via a very reputable company we are working closely with so that is not a problem.

Can I pay for my holiday rental in Hurghada in foreign currency?

Yes. That is not a problem. We accept payments in most currencies or by real-time conversion made automatically by the banks for credit cards, bank cards and bank transfers.

Can you assist with arranging extras such as excursions and day trips?

We sure can. We will set you in direct contact with the right company if you want to do any day trips, excursions, diving, kitesurfing, sailing or similar.

Are there any sea view apartments available?

Yes. We have one stunning panoramic sea view apartment at Tiba View located on the very top floor for increased privacy and tranquility.

Who are you guys?

We have a very long experience in hospitality services both online and offline and we took the step into the Hurghada rental market already in 2015 with our first rental taking place already in 2017 quickly becoming well known for a high level of service and value for money with many positive reviews from past, and recurring, guests.

What kind of accommodations do you offer?

We primarily offer rental studios for max two persons in each with the exception of a large apartment suitable for 2-4 persons located at Sheraton Plaza in the very heart of Hurghada.

What about WIFI in your holiday rentals?

All our holiday rentals have free WIFI. But having said that, the WIFI’s in Egyot are not exactly known to be very reliable so we strongly recommend you to buy a DATA-SIM Card upon your arrival in Hurghada. These cards are very cheap, reliable and fast. We have fast dedicated WIFI in our Sheraton Plaza apartments.

Where are your vacation rentals in Hurghada located?

They are located at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza.• Tiba Resort and Tiba View are located a few minutes’ drive from El Gouna and Hurghada Town. • Sheraton Plaza are located only two minutes’ walk from the New Marina, 75m from the main Sheraton Road and 200m from the popular walking street, Sherry Street.

What's your refund policy?

We try and keep all refund policies across the various booking websites that we work with unilateral but they are all slightly different.And on some websites we offer a discounted non-refundable price plan.So please check the website that you are booking on for the cancellation terms on that website.Check our terms and conditions for bookings made directly with us.

What if I need to contact you during my stay?

You can contact us via the message function on the booking website you booked your stay with or you can always call us or message us on WhatsApp using +44 745 128 6134. We also have a chat function on our website.

Are early check-ins and late check-outs available?

They are but on a case by case basis also depending on availability. We always try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our valued guests the best way we can and it usually always works out.

What do I do if I have a complaint?

Contact us immediately and we will try and resolve the issue once determined it is a genuine issue.We can't please everyone but we try to aim to have 100% customer satisfaction but things like the location of the apartment that you stay in can't really be changed but well displayed pre-booking.

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Tiba Resort Studios:

From €17/day

Tiba Resort P4 For 3-4prs:

From additional €10/per person/day above the included 2prs to sleep in sofa bed

Sheraton Plaza Studios:

From €25/day

Sheraton Plaza Large Apartment For 2-4prs:

From €50/day

Tiba View T89:

To be launched in 2023/2024

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Daily price can be higher during:

• Christmas and New Year
• Eid
• Certain special events such as the El Gouna Film Festival

Mandatory one-time cleaning fee for one (1) cleaning done before your stay included a fresh set of towels and linens: Tiba Resort: €25/stay, Sheraton Plaza 414 & 415: €25

Mandatory one-time cleaning fee for one (1) cleaning done before each stay for the Sheraton Plaza large apartment (414/415 combined) for 2-4prs included a set of fresh towels and linens: €47/stay

Check-in is a time agreed between 3PM. Check-out is a time agreed between 9AM-12PM. Outside of these hours is on a case-by-case basis and subject to additional fees for late/early check-ins and/or check-outs.

Fees for early check-ins / late check-outs (outside of regular hours) covering costs for arranging keys with security, extra gas and staff time, extra trips for visiting guests the following day for checklist, etc; €20 per check-in/check-out + an extra days stay needs to be booked accordingly.

All apartments are freshly cleaned and delivered with one-set of fresh linens and towels upon check-in.