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Our holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI @ Tiba Resort is of the public kind supplied by the building management and not very reliable in speeds nor reliability and we do not accept any responsibility of the free public WIFI in any way, shape, or form. We STRONGLY recommend that if you stay at Tiba Resort, you but a cheap DATA-SIM for reliable Internet access and we can recommend Vodafone. It must be said that the telecom infrastructure in certain areas in Hurghada are not very stable or well built so that impacts the Internet connections drastically. That also applies for Internet via satellite.


As of July, 2020, our holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI @ Sheraton Plaza in central Hurghada, located in the very heart of Hurghada on Sheraton Road by the New Marina, have their own dedicated Internet line in addition to the public WIFI in the common areas. We do not accept any responsibility for the public WIFI in any way, shape or form as it is out of our hands. The dedicated WIFI is as good as it gets in Egypt but could be down due to poor telecom infrastructure via landlines in Hurghada. We strongly recommend a DATA-SIM back-up alternative.



All our rental apartments and holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI are very popular and being booked frequently online directly with us or via any of the holiday rental websites that we are working with such as TripAdvisor Booking.com, AirBnB, Expedia, Agoda and HomeAway.

WIFI Credentials

Upon check-in in any of our holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI, you will receive WIFI credentials so that you can safely log-on to the Wireless Internet. You can always approach the 24hr security at Tiba Resort, Sheraton Plaza or Tiba View to receive the WIFI log-in credentials any time.


All our rental apartments in Hurghada with WIFI are equipped with a Wireless Router. So getting on the Internet should not be a problem. Should you experience any problems, please contact our local team in Hurghada with whom you should now be acquainted with and all English speaking.

Signal Strength

The WIFI at Tiba Resort and Tiba View are being received via satellite. From there, its being broadcasted throughout the compound via local routers on the various floors and then to the receivers. No need to say, this is after all Egypt, that the strength of the signal can vary throughout the day depending on many factors which are out of our hands.

Mobile Internet

We strongly recommend you to buy a SIM-card for Mobile Internet and we will happily provide you with a MIFI-router. Free of charge of course. Buying a SIM-card for mobile WIFI in Hurghada is very cheap. As an example, buying a Vodafone 6GB data card is only 80 EGP (£3.30) (€3.90) ($4.50). For more information: Vodafone, Etisalat


The Internet in all our holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI are being provided by the building operator and not us. We are in the hands of higher powers and the connectivity are out of our hands. We wish it wasn't. But they are unfortunately. In case you don't get any signal or connection, contact the security and ask them to contact the building operator ASAP.


If the WIFI isn't installed in the actual rental apartment by ourselves, we will not take any responsibility for uptime nor speeds. Please note that sometimes the WIFI signal can be very weak outside the communal areas at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza.

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Read Important Information About the Wireless Internet in All Our Holiday Rentals in Hurghada with WIFI
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Read Important Information About the Wireless Internet in All Our Holiday Rentals in Hurghada with WIFI
Read more about our holiday rentals in Hurghada with WIFI and how things works. This is after all Egypt. A country not well known for its great infrastructure to some extent. But with mobile Internet services that works surprisingly well with very good speeds and coverage.
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