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Free In-Room Delivery From Bololuko Restaurant @ Sheraton Plaza

Bololuko Restaurant, nearby our award-winning short-term vacation rentals @ Sheraton Plaza, is an absolute must-visit.

We are not giving recommendations lightly, in contrast from many other hosts, we are only doing it when tested and proven.

Being relatively new and, of course, being so close to our holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza, Bololuko Restaurant was a given must-try for us.

And boy, on the positive side, we were blown away.

Not only is the food really, really good, but also highly affordable and, in like manner, so are the drinks.

In-Room Dining @ Sheraton Plaza in Hurghada - Award-Winning Holiday Rentals - Bololuko Restaurant - Book Your Stay on -1

The Food & Drinks @ Bololuko Restaurant

The management team was recently in Hurghada for annual inspections of our popular vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza.

As always, we try and find new ways forward as, by the same token, there are always room for improvements.

The food at Bololuko Restaurant, nearby the Marina Square, consists of Western food and, of course, delicious Egyptian food.

In-Room Dining @ Sheraton Plaza in Hurghada - Award-Winning Holiday Rentals - Bololuko Restaurant - Book Your Stay on -1

So What Did We Try @ Bololuko Restaurant In Hurghada

During our week in Hurghada, we dined at Bololuko Restaurant basically every day.

In addition, had lunch, tasty shisha and very cold beverages served at, in like manner as our rental apartments, at highly affordable prices.

The chicken fajitas were a massive portion of extremely delicious and tasty chicken.

We tried the mixed seafood, actually several times as it was really good, consisting of crab, calamares, white fish and grilled shrimps.

The pizzas, well, to say that they are very well-made and, in addition, rich on toppings, is an understatement.

Nobody walks away hungry from Bololuko Restaurant.

The menu, at the same time, offer a vast range of various dishes, such as;

  • Soups and salads (try the Caesar salad with chicken pictured in this post)
  • Appetizers (try the chicken wings)
  • Chicken dishes (honestly, try the chicken fajita)
  • Seafood (strongly recommend the mixed sea food for one, or several, persons)
  • Steaks from beef steak, Surf & Turf, Stroganoff to Camel steak and kofta)
  • Hot Stone (cook your own steak on a sizzling hot stone to your own perfection)
  • Burgers, sandwiches and pizza (the seafood pizza was excellent and hearty)
  • Desserts such as cheese cake and ice-cream

For beverages at Bololuko Restaurant it ranges from fresh juices (Guava juice was a favorite) to tasty strawberry Mojitos and ice-cold beers.

In addition, all the usual beverages such as non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea and water are, of course, also available.

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Free In-Room Delivery From Bololuko Restaurant @ Sheraton Plaza

We will place menus, namely inside our very popular short-term rentals at Sheraton Plaza, for our guests.

Being a leading host in Hurghada, notably, we now offer our guests free in-room delivery to the Sheraton Plaza apartments.

The minimum order is 200 Egyptian Pounds and you can basically order anything from the menu (individual drinks excluded) and have it delivered to your doorstep.

You can order full bottles of beverages, such as, beers, soft drinks, water, etc.

More information on how to order, by the same token, can be found inside the actual menu.

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15% Discount @ Bololuko Restaurant When You Book Our Sheraton Plaza Rentals

We understand that ordering in can be nice, at the same time, you might want to see people and experience the vibe of Hurghada.

Being located right on Sheraton Road, to the right of Agra Roma, Bololuko Restaurant is easy to find.

Head down to Bololuko Restaurant, ask for Mr. Mina, and tell him that you are staying at Sheraton Plaza, and enjoy a nice 15% discount.

Yes, indeed, we are creating added-value to our guests all the time.

Our award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada, during your stay with us, should just keep on giving.

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Book Short-Term Rentals @ Sheraton Plaza Online

It’s easy to book a reputable vacation rental in Hurghada online.

Book your stay on this very website and, notably, get your very own personalized guest info page, or book on;

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Bololuko Restaurant, in the meantime, will be available for a visit anytime during your stay with us.

Because, sooner or later, in between all fun in Hurghada, you will want to get a really tasty meal.

We have many more, as been noted, interesting updates coming soon so stay tuned here in our blog.



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