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Sheraton Plaza 415

We Are Now An Exclusive Booking.com Preferred Plus Member (May, 2022 Update)

This is just in; we are not “only” a Preferred Partner, but also a Booking.com Preferred Plus Member as of recently.

Update, May 2022;

We are extremely excited to announce that, as of May, 2022, Sheraton Plaza 414 is now also a Booking.com Preferred PLUS property.

Thanks to hard work, not to mention attention to details and well-known guest hospitality, our popular holiday rental, namely Sheraton Plaza 414, made it into the Top 10% on Booking.com.

We are, furthermore, in the process of upgrading our Sheraton Plaza vacation rentals with new decoration and furniture.

That is, in addition, to the already launched brand new bathrooms.

We have much more going on for 2022, and becoming a Booking.com Preferred PLUS is stamp of approval, but we have much more in store.

Sheraton Plaza 414 - A Booking.com Preferred PLUS Property in Hurghada by The New Marina - Book Online - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com -.

Original blog post below;

Already in mid-May 2021, at the same time as we continued making upgrades in our holiday rentals, we got the invitation. 

”The room was very clean and tidy. The communication with the owner, Patrick, was prompt and helpful. Nice view of the pool. A/C was excellent”

Sheraton Plaza 415, owing to great reviews and increasing popularity, have risen to become just that; an exclusive Booking.com Preferred Plus member.

This is, above all, a team effort making this prestigious accreditation possible and, of course, we won’t stop there.

Our holiday rentals in Hurghada are going through an ongoing improvement process so there is more to come. 

Genius Discount For Sheraton Plaza 415 - Holiday Rentals in Central Hurghada by The New Marina - www.apartmentsinhurghada.com

Booking.com Preferred Partner vs  Preferred Partner Plus

Booking.com, in the light of being the leading booking website in the world, are only inviting the very best rental properties in Hurghada to become a “regular” Preferred Partner.

But becoming an Booking.com Preferred Plus member, well, that is another and, in fact, a very exclusive level.

“I can highly recommend. All you need for your vacation. Very private and quiet place. Very friendly crew. Magnificent location.”

Only the very top 10% of the “regular” partners are eligible for the Booking.com Preferred Plus partnership.

And you guessed it, namely, our holiday rental Sheraton Plaza 415 made it and more apartments to follow.

Sheraton Plaza 415 – Our First Booking.com Preferred Plus Property

Being located in the very heart of Hurghada, nearby the New Marina and Sheraton Road, the location is simply great.

Being within walking distance to everything needed in daily life, amid everything from McDonalds to pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, cafés, and more, Sheraton Plaza 415 is spot on.

No need for lengthy taxi rides, alongside wasting time, to get what you need, when you need it.

That is one of the reasons that Sheraton Plaza 415 has quickly risen to become, above all, one of the most popular holiday rentals in Hurghada.

”The location is nice. Very close to New Marina with restaurants and promenade.”

A home away from home, for business or leisure, Sheraton Plaza 415 is ideal.

Relaxation, as much as we love that, is important but, equally important, is good WIFI.

“The WIFI was excellent.”

And boy, do we have good WIFI in our vacation rentals at Sheraton Plaza.

It’s thanks to facilities like the free WIFI, in addition to cleanliness, guest comfort and hospitality, enabling Sheraton Plaza 415 to rise to the very top.

Fast WIFI in Our Vacation Rentals in Hurghada at Sheraton Plaza - Book Online on ww.apartmentsinhurghada.com

Booking.com Preferred Plus Holiday Rental by The New Marina

Sheraton Plaza, in view of all our efforts to promote Sheraton Plaza 414 and Sheraton Plaza 415, are on the rise.

We can’t speak for other rentals at Sheraton Plaza but, by all means, we know what we deliver.

Our vacation rentals have everything needed, in addition to the super location, such as;

And much more.

To become a Booking.com Preferred Plus vacation rental in Hurghada, of course, takes more than just a well equipped rental apartment in central Hurghada.

The entire team, with attention to details and the guests wishes and needs, is equally important.

”Great value for money and great Communication with the host! :-)”

Our level of communication, moreover the promptness in our responses, make our guest feel comfortable and safe.

We have helped many guests, in fact, going well above and beyond as their host during their stay in Hurghada, many times.

Furthermore, we offer convenient services such as affordable private airport transfers very appreciated by guests.

Sheraton Plaza 415 - Award-Winning Holiday Rental With Washing Machine & Kitchenette - Sheraton Road by The New Marina - Book on www.apartmentsinhurghada.com - Fast Free WIFI -

Book Sheraton Plaza 415 on Booking.com – Get Travel Credits For Future Bookings

Now, as a Booking.com Preferred Plus rental property and host, booking Sheraton Plaza 415 on Booking.com enables our guests to receive travel credits.

Those credits can, in fact, be used for future bookings on Booking.com so booking Sheraton Plaza 415 can actually make you money.

Our multi-tier discounts on Booking.com, particularly for Genius loyalty members, are ranging up to 25% discount.

Most of our discounts on Booking.com are, in addition, usually stackable.

”For the price that I paid for a night, with the free and good WIFI, the cleanliness and the staffs willingness to help with clear and quick replies from Patrick (the owner as I understand it), the support when needed was very good.”

No need to say, to put it another way, booking Sheraton Plaza 415 on Booking.com is a bloody good deal.

A holiday rental in Hurghada, around the New Marina area and at this standard, can stand up against any hotel in the area without a doubt.

Are you still here?

Head over to Booking.com and book Sheraton Plaza 415, in the center of Hurghada on Sheraton Road, before someone else does.

We will celebrate the Booking.com Preferred Plus accreditation as soon as possible but we are still busy making further improvements.

All in the name of guest comfort and, of course, to become an even better host in Hurghada.



You can book a fully furnished holiday rental in Hurghada with free WIFI and well equipped kitchenette at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road by the New Marina on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Vrbo, Agoda, Trip.com and Booking.com for rental rates as low as only €15/day and even lower during promotions.

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Tiba Resort: From €15 / Daily

Sheraton Plaza: From €21 / Daily

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We Are Now An Exclusive Booking.com Preferred Plus Member
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