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Holiday Rentals With Great Quality Contra The Price

We believe in offering very affordable holiday rentals in Hurghada, at the same time, we also believe in happy guests and quality support so let’s take a look at our philosophy when it comes to quality contra the price.

While many of our competitor hosts offer lower rates, in reality, they do not offer the full scope of what we do as there are always subtle variables that matters.

To put it differently, a short-term vacation rental in Hurghada might look the same, but in all fairness, they are usually not which could be good but usually not so good.

In all fairness, the balance act between quality contra the price is not that easy to balance as it depends on many various factors, however, we believe that we have found a healthy balance with our holiday rentals in Hurghada.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

In this very case, in the shape of positive feedback from very happy guests and a very dedicated team currently enjoying some chocolate treats (more on that later in the post).

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Our Roadmap To Reach Western Quality

It is easy to buy properties in Hurghada both legally and certainly plenty of properties and developers to choose from so surely, a result, it should be fairly straight forward, right?

By all means, try it and see how it works out for you as you might be one of the lucky few owners that are happy or an owner finding themselves having to pour more money into it just to reach a feasible standard.

Worst case scenario, and there are many, the apartment is simply not possible to live in.

To put in another way, the quality of many apartments  in Hurghada upon “completion” by the developer does not hold water (literally with poor quality plumbing, etc.).

Consequently, you will find yourself galaxies away from the quality promised in the glossy brochures.

That is what we had to do, namely tear down and re-do to ensure the standard that we want to be able to offer our guests staying in our apartments with the result that money had to be reinvested of course.

Surely, you don’t want the hassles we have gone through so you can just rent your apartment in Hurghada from us and be done with it because our quality contra the price makes it worth your while.

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Our Quality Contra The Rate Philosophy

Quality is just as important as the rate but it is all about setting the right expectation for our guests from the very get go.

Indeed, we try to promise less and overdeliver in everything we do or implement in our apartment rentals at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza.

With this intention, we have worked hard to manage the quality contra the price for a night’s stay for all our holiday rentals in Hurghada and we have now come to a point where we feel very comfortable about our rental apartments and their overall quality.

Granted that it took us loads of hard work and much more money poured back into all our holiday rentals in Hurghada in order for us to get there.

In fact, we are still pouring all the money generated from bookings back into the apartments to this very day because we are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

That is to say, we are still making improvements and managing the quality contra the price in the favor of higher quality without increasing the rental rates.

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Guest Feedback on Our Quality Contra The Price – March, 2021

To demonstrate, we had two guests staying in Tiba Resort P4 and Sheraton Plaza 415 in early March, 2021.

If you remember, Tiba Resort P4 is our vacation rental with a small patio and Sheraton Plaza 415 is a pool view rental apartment located by the New Marina on Sheraton Road.

Both of these accommodations in Hurghada are notably two of our award winning short-term rentals by Booking.com and Official Preferred Properties due to positive reviews.

We have vastly increased the quality contra the price, in other words, kept the rental rates low but continued making improvements.

For example, installing upgraded digital-TV receivers for better satellite-TV at Tiba Resort, installing water filters for better water quality, re-painting, better WIFI at Sheraton Plaza and installing washing machines all around to just name a few improvements.

Our guest staying in Sheraton Plaza 415 was flabbergasted with the high standard as her expectations for such a great price that she paid booking via Booking.com, partaking in a few promotions and being a Genius member, was off the chart.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that she already did pay for a stay at nearby Bella Vista located only 300m away from Sheraton Plaza, she would have extended her stay with us at a fraction of the price.

As much as the above guest enjoyed her stay with us, the next guest staying with her son in our poolside vacation rental at Tiba Resort, Tiba Resort P4, was simply over the moon with her stay.

In fact, she was so happy and overjoyed that she even gave our team at Tiba Resort some chocolate treats which they so well deserve as they are doing a super job.

On the whole, we know that we are offering a very high quality contra the price for a stay in any of our holiday rentals in Hurghada much due to hard work and reinvesting.

Indeed, we will not stop here as we have more things in the pipeline further increasing the value for any guest staying in our greatly appreciated apartments.

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Book A Stay For The Fraction Of A Hotel Stay in Hurghada

Given the fact that the daily price starts at only €15/night, and in the view of even lower prices during promotions and loyalty programs such as Booking.com Genius, the quality contra the price is a shoe in when staying in Hurghada.

For the purpose of a comfortable stay, you have come to the right place.

Head over to the booking page for Tiba Resort P4 and Sheraton Plaza 415 and experience the quality contra the price firsthand.

We know, since we have stayed in many of the hotels in Hurghada, that we offer a very, very high quality versus the price that you pay where we simply are better than many of the more popular hotels which much higher rates.

But, of course, all is a matter of individual preference if you want to stay in a hotel and pay high rates or if you want to experience a staycation with more money left over for fun stuff.

In any event, we will continue making some interesting improvements moving forward so make sure that you stay tuned in our blog, Facebook and Instagram.



You can book a fully furnished holiday rental in Hurghada with free WIFI and well equipped kitchenette at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road by the New Marina on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Vrbo, Agoda, Trip.com and Booking.com for rental rates as low as only €15/day and even lower during promotions.

Payment options includes 50+ cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash.

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Tiba Resort: From €15 / Daily

Sheraton Plaza: From €21 / Daily

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