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Secret 2021 Deals on

We celebrate our winning streak generated from happy guests staying with us during 2020 with some nice secret 2021 deals on for all our holiday rentals in Hurghada.

As you might have read in our previous blog post, most of our short-term rental apartments in Hurghada listed on got awarded with a 2021 Traveller Award for outstanding performance and guest satisfaction.

All our Tiba Resort rentals and Sheraton Plaza 415 each got awarded with the 2021 Traveller Awards in addition to us being an official Preferred Partner for each of these properties as well.

With all that in mind, it is quite safe to say that satisfaction is as guaranteed as can be when booking any of our holiday rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort, Tiba View or Sheraton Plaza online.

Our team efforts to continue making improvements, and a very dedicated team on the ground, are slowly paying off in more and more returning guests and most of them are leaving genuine positive reviews which we are extremely happy about.

Holiday Rentals in Hurghada With Secret 2021 Deals on - Sheraton Plaza 415 by the New Marina -

Vacation Rentals in Hurghada With Secret 2021 Deals

We completely cancelled the 2020 Black Friday as we got tired of creating time limited campaigns and promotions and thought that it is better that we create all-year-around promotions accessible for all guests and all our rentals in Hurghada.

The secret 2021 deals we have created n gives eligible visitors a 10% discount and our listing will be marked with a “Secret Deal” tag as you can see in the pictures in this blog post.

The aim is to be as generous to all as possible no matter if you are a Genius loyalty member, “regular” member or just an first-time visitor to, we want promotions of various degrees to be available to all potential guests.

Affordable holiday rentals in Hurghada should be available to all and the secret 2021 deals on is a further step in that direction.

ward Winning Holiday Rentals in Hurghada - Book Sheraton Plaza 415 on

Sheraton Plaza 415 on

Sheraton Plaza, a compound located on Sheraton Road by the New Marina, an ideal location for anyone who wants to be located in the very heart of Hurghada, are becoming increasingly popular among international visitors.

We have been working very hard since 2016 to promote Sheraton Plaza as ideal vacation rentals and it starts to show that all our efforts have not been in vain with other owners experiencing the positive ripple effect of our promotional efforts.

Sheraton Plaza 415 became an official Preferred Partner property in 2020 and enrolled in our secret 2021 deals on

So make sure that you book your stay with us today as we see booking picking up already for 2021.

Even though Sheraton Plaza 414 isn’t an award-winning holiday rental in Hurghada just yet,, despite being a super nice balcony studio with a pool view in central Hurghada with a very high standard, this apartment is certainly worth considering for your next stay.

If you are a bigger group of family or friends travelling together, you can easily combine Sheraton Plaza 414 and Sheraton Plaza 415 into one single large unit for up to 4prs staying comfortably together and privacy ensured by using the lockable connecting door.

Oh, and we are also known to have one of the best WIFI’s among the rental apartments in central Hurghada by the New Marina.

Tiba Resort E4 Is A Cozy Studio - A Perfect Holiday Rental in Hurghada - Book Online on

Tiba Resort With Secret 2021 Promotions on

What a 2020 it has been but we are still here offering very affordable holiday rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort and what a way to start off 2021 with a full striiiiike  being awarded with the 2021 Traveller Award for each and every apartment that we rent out short-term at Tiba Resort.

Yes, one award from for each holiday rental which is a great proof that the whole team are doing something right and that the continuous improvement that we are always aiming for is paying off big time.

  • Tiba Resort P4 – A poolside studio with small outside patio growing in popularity and now with the possibility of up to 4prs staying.
  • Tiba Resort E4 – Studio with balcony and pool view. An award winner already in 2020.
  • Tiba Resort C34 – Top floor with balcony and panoramic pool views. An established classic at Tiba Resort already.

All these award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada can be booked with the Secret 2021 deals and promotions on



You can book a fully furnished holiday rental in Hurghada with free WIFI and well equipped kitchenette at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road by the New Marina on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Vrbo, Agoda, and for rental rates as low as only €15/day and even lower during promotions.

Payment options includes 50+ cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash.

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Tiba Resort: From €15 / Daily

Sheraton Plaza: From €21 / Daily

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