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Upgraded Digital TV Receivers @ Tiba Resort

All our holiday rentals in Hurghada have access to satellite TV and we are continuing making improvements for our valued guests comfort by installing upgraded digital TV receivers in all our short-term rental apartments at Tiba Resort.

TV is an important feature for our guests to stay informed about the latest news around the world, watch TV-series or sport events which is always nice when you spend a day or two at the home away from home.

We take great pride in finding the best possible solutions for our guests fitting the value-for-money concept and our pay less, do more, motto that we are working towards on all levels when it comes to our award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada.

We received some feedback from some of our guests that the TV reception sometimes were a bit weak so we investigated by having our dedicated team in Hurghada do a thorough investigation and we discovered occasional disturbances here and there.

Not much, but enough for us to spring into action as we always do.

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Upgraded Digital TV Receivers in Our Hurghada Holiday Rentals

After much investigation to really root out the problem, and to compare the TV-reception in all our short-term vacation rentals at Tiba Resort Hurghada, we realized that upgraded digital TV receivers to better quality ones was the right way to go even though it might cost a few pounds.

Each of our rental apartments received a much needed upgrade to compensate for any shortfall in the TV-reception and you can see from the picture that the upgraded digital tv receivers did the trick.

We can now rest assured that our guests will enjoy a much crisp TV picture so that they can enjoy whatever they want to watch on our Full-HD 41° flat-screen TV that we have in each holiday rental we have available for online bookings in Hurghada.

That includes our award-winning Booking.com Preferred Partner Property, Sheraton Plaza, located on Sheraton Road by the New Marina.

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Book A Vacation Rental in Hurghada With Satellite TV

All our short-term rental apartments have access to satellite TV with a multitude of channels to choose from. In fact, there are a huge amount of channels so we are quite sure that you can find what you are looking for if you decide to stay in for a night or two.

All our apartments with upgraded digital TV receivers can be booked directly with us or on Booking.com, Trip.com, Airbnb, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Expedia and Vrbo.

Remember that we have all year around deals and promotions so finding a deal that suits your needs to matter of you are a Booking.com Genius member, booking using a mobile device or want an even higher discount booking a non-refundable price plan.

We have much more going on when it comes to improvements moving forward so the upgraded digital TV receivers is “just” another step towards perfection as much as humanly possible.



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Upgraded Digital TV Receivers @ Tiba Resort
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Upgraded Digital TV Receivers @ Tiba Resort
Our award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort now all have upgraded digital TV receivers with many satellite TV channels.
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