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Our Orfi Acceptance Policy

Orfi, for the purpose of renting one of our holiday rentals in Hurghada, deserves an explanation.

In fact, more often than not, we are asked if we accept an Orfi, in this case, to book one of our short-term rentals in Hurghada.

Accepting an Orfi or not, this question is being asked so frequently, to put it differently, it is, by far, the most common question that we receive.

So, for this reason, let us dive into the great question; “are you guys accepting an Orfi when booking your short-term rentals in Hurghada?

But, firstly, let us explain what an Orfi.

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What Is An Orfi in Egypt?

In fact, an Orfi goes by many names such as; Zawaj Urfi, Zawj Orfy, Zawha Orfi, Gawaz Urfi, just to name a few.

Usually, notably, it is just called an Orfi in all its simplicity.

An Orfi is a legal document, in particular between a Western woman and an Egyptian man, agreeing to get married without any legal and binding rights attached.

The man “proposes” in front of two witnesses and pays the lawyer, in effect paying to get the document issued, and that’s it.

Now, the Egyptian male, because it is always an Egyptian male, can spend precious time with his (usually) Western/Eastern European girlfriend.

Obviously, an Orfi is usually being issued so that the couple can spend time together and stay in the same property.

In this case, as been noted, are one of our award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza.

It is a “second class marriage” purely on paper invented, in effect, so that couples actually can spend time together.

The above, for the most part, boils down what an Orfi in Egypt really is.

Now, to clarify, do we accept an Orfi?

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Orfi Issued For An All Egyptian Couple – NOT ACCEPTED

Simple answer; no, we do not under any circumstances accept such.

In our rental properties in Hurghada, in summary, no unmarried Egyptian couples are allowed.

And that rule, by and large, is published on this website and every single booking website that we have partnered with such as;

We do not accept an Orfi issued for any Egyptian couple, where both the male and the female, are Egyptian.

The validity of an Orfi, particularly issued for a 100% Egyptian couple, is divided and it is certainly not accepted by any hotels and most reputable hosts in Hurghada.

Being one of the most known hosts in Hurghada, moreover with award-winning rental apartments, we certainly do not accept such a constellation.

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Orfi Issued For Other Couple Constellations – ACCEPTED

What we do accept when it comes to an Orfi;

  • Male is Egyptian and the female is non Egyptian
  • Female is Egyptian and the male is non Egyptian
  • Any couple traveling to Egypt, married or not married, where both are non-Egyptians
  • Married couples including Egyptian married couples

For married Egyptian couples, it is important to realize, that a marriage certificate needs to be brought and shown to the security when booking any of our vacation rentals in Hurghada.

So, on the whole, our rules when it comes to an Orfi acceptance is crystal clear.

If you should show up, and present a non-valid Orfi, no Orfi or no marriage certificate when required, in effect, we will reject you entry.

It is simple as that.

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Book A Holiday Rental in Hurghada Accepting An Orfi Online

If you qualify, in that case, feel free to book any of our award-winning short-term vacation rentals online today.

Our rental apartments in Hurghada can be booked on the mentioned booking websites and, not least, on this website.

With many happy and, indeed, returning guests, you are sure to be well taken care of by our dedicated team.

Obviously, you get a fully loaded holiday rental in Hurghada and, furthermore, our well-known guest hospitality by default.

If you have any questions about Orfi acceptance, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you.

Until then, our holiday rentals in Hurghada will await your booking and, of course, arrival as one of our valued guests.



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Our Orfi Acceptance Policy Explained
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