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Flexible Arrival And Departure Terms With Self-Check-Ins

Our entire team takes a great pride in all our vacation rental in Hurghada and that also goes for our flexible arrival and departure terms that we now have optimized even more than ever before.

In spite of the declining tourism in Hurghada in 2020, we had a record year in occupancy due to the hard work by the entire team in Hurghada and Europe to find ways to improve, improve and more improvements in early 2020 onwards.

After all, it is extremely important that our holiday rentals in Hurghada are being in tip-top shape and we have more improvements on the way in 2021 but more on that topic in later blog posts.

In order to be able offer even more flexible arrival and departure terms for our guests arriving in Hurghada during odd hours for the purpose to stay in any of our award-winning holiday rentals in Hurghada, we have made some upgrades.

We have strong local support team resident at Tiba Resort but as Sheraton Plaza is located 20 mins away by car, late flights and odd hours made it difficult for us accurately give the guest the check-in / check-out experience worthy of our standards.

So we came up with a solution (as we always do) that we think will work very well.

Holiday Rentals in Hurghada With Flexible Arrival and Departure Terms - Self-Check-Ins - Sheraton Plaza - -

Flexible Arrival And Departure Terms @ Sheraton Plaza

In the view of Sheraton Plaza, now an Preferred Partner and our vacation rentals there becoming increasingly popular with many more guests arrivals, we had to find a way to secure a smooth check-in after a long trip or a late/early departure.

We offer all our guests very generous hours to arrive and depart, 3PM to 10PM for check-ins and 9AM-12PM for check-outs, with the possibility of late/early arrivals and departures subject to a case to case approval.

But we also understand that arrivals and departures can be occur on odd hours, so consequently, we wanted to become even better for our guests convenience.

With this in mind, we have now implemented wall-mounted key boxes for each of our holiday rental at Sheraton Plaza by the New Marina in Hurghada.

While we can be there in person most of the regular hours, something that we will insist on being for the majority of the check-ins and check-outs, our improved and flexible arrival and departure terms have now increased in convenience and security a level or two.

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Holiday Rentals in Hurghada With Self-Check-In

Rental apartments in Hurghada with the possibility of self-check-ins are far in between, it must be pointed out that in central Hurghada whereabout Sheraton Plaza is located, self-check-ins are non-existing so we are (again) pioneers.

Notably, our guests can now do a self-check-in, or a self-check-out if we agree on this, by simply enter a PIN and, voila, you have the keys to your booked apartment.

As such, you can enjoy the fruits of the more flexible arrival and departure terms implemented at Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road.

For this reason, both our pool view balcony rental apartment on the top floor, Sheraton Plaza 414, and our award-winning pool view apartment Sheraton Plaza 415, have its own key box.

It’s important to remember that our team will still visit you around 10AM, or whenever agreed, to go through the checklist to make sure that everything is up to our well-known standard and this is a requirement to be agreed on for an early check-in.

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Flexible Arrival and Departure Terms With Self-Check-Ins @ Tiba Resort Hurghada

Our award-winning holiday rentals at Tiba Resort also have self-check-ins available as part of the newly improved flexible arrival and departure terms.

However, self-check-ins are also subject for pre-approval and on a case by case basis just as with Sheraton Plaza and arrangements have to be made pre-arrival.

In the case of self-check-ins in our vacation rentals at Tiba Resort in Hurghada, we make arrangements with the 24hr security staff that the guest can pick up the key to their booked apartment when they arrive.

First thing to remember, is the fact that we will visit 10AM in the morning to go through the required checklist just as with Sheraton Plaza and Tiba View.

During regular hours though, we will of course be there in person to meet and greet our valued guest(s) and show them the ropes with a quick introductory as we know most guests are tired and wants to get some rest after a long flight.

And by all means, we certainly understand them as we would feel the very same but it’s better we get the formalities out of the way quickly so that more time can be spent on what truly matters, the actual stay in Hurghada.

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Book A Holiday Rental With Self-Check-Ins in Hurghada Online

In this time and age, the ability for increased flexible arrival and departure terms and self-check-ins are more important than ever before.

Our award-winning vacation rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort, Tiba View and Sheraton Plaza have self-check-ins available on a case by case pre-approved basis but the mechanism is in place.

The rental apartment available with self-check-ins are:

At this instant, all of these short-term rental apartments can be booked on this website and on the many leading booking websites we have partnered with such as Agoda, Expedia, Vrbo,, Airbnb and TripAdvisor to name just a few.

Indeed, we will make sure that our flexible arrival and departure terms will work in your favor should it be necessary with a self-check-in after a long flight arriving odd hours.

In conclusion, we yet again take the lead among hosts in Hurghada and try and find new ways to become better at what we do and we believe that you, our future or past guest, will appreciate our efforts when you drop your bag in your new home away from home.



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