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Short Term Holiday Rentals in Hurghada Online

During the years that we have been in the rental business, we have strived to become a leader when it comes to short term holiday rentals in Hurghada with affordable pricing.

Pay Less. Do more. Overdeliver when possible.

That is our internal motto that we have worked after when furnishing our short-term holiday rentals at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza with Tiba View to follow suite once we are at that point.

We pride ourselves in keeping a tight ship when it comes to cleanliness, fast communication, and a comfortable stay that often surprises our guests when arriving at their chosen short-term rental apartment in this popular Red Sea destination, Hurghada.

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Short Term Vacation Rentals in Hurghada @ Tiba Resort

Our rental apartments at Tiba Resort in Hurghada, located between Hurghada and rather close to El Gouna, was launched already in 2017 and quickly made their mark on the rental market in Hurghada.

Guests searching for a comfortable, and very affordable rental short-term rental apartment, quickly discovered the value delivered at Tiba Resort Hurghada, and we have since the launch in 2017, many returning guests also staying longer periods of time.

We have three increasingly popular apartment available at Tiba Resort, namely;

  • Tiba Resort P4, a poolside studio with a small outside patio and just a few meters to the large swimming pools.
  • Tiba Resort E4, an award-winning cozy studio on the second floor with a nice balcony overlooking the swimming pools and the Tiba Resort Café- 
  • Tiba Resort C34, a top floor studio with panoramic pool views and a nice private balcony overlooking the entire resort

All our short-term holiday rentals at Tiba Resort Hurghada can be booked online directly on our website or using one of the major booking websites we have partnered with such as and Airbnb.

Short Term Holiday Rentals in Hurghada - Book on

Improved Short Term Vacation Rentals @ Tiba Resort

Not only do we take great care of our guests at Tiba Resort, we also take great care of our apartments to deliver the best experience that we possibly can for our guests.

At Tiba Resort, all our short-term holiday rentals have undergone a complete overhaul including repainting all apartments, installing specially imported European shower blenders, installing washing machines, and even more efficient check-in/check-out procedures.

On top of that, all our short-term holiday rentals in Hurghada now have no minimum stay down from a minimum of three nights.

All for the convenience of our guests and being more flexible in a market that have its twists and turns.

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Tiba Resort Is an Official Preferred Partner Property

Well, not the entire Tiba Resort, but all our short-term rental apartments have been awarded the Official Preferred Partner status and a member of loyalty program called Genius.

Genius members get an even better rate that our already very affordable rental rates at Tiba Resort so well worth checking out.

We have received many positive reviews on hence being also being awarded with the 2020 Traveller Award by further enhancing the true value for money when staying in our short-term rentals at Tiba Resort Hurghada.

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Holiday Rentals Available for Short Term by The Hurghada New Marina

Moving on to our super duper insanely popular rental apartments, also available for short term rentals located by the New Marina right on Sheraton Road called Sheraton Plaza, have quickly risen in popularity despite difficult times.

At Sheraton Plaza, you will find that our rental apartments at this super location have a very high standard with freshly installed washing machines, imported European shower blenders, and a timeless Black & White contemporary theme unlike anything else seen in central Hurghada.

Located just a two mins walk from the most famous hotspot in Hurghada, the New Marina, you will find Sheraton Plaza 414 and Sheraton Plaza 415 on the very top floor overlooking the swimming pool, waiting for their next guests.

Booking short term holiday rentals in Hurghada in the very heart of Hurghada online have never been easier and at great rates too.

Sheraton Plaza 414 enjoys a very nice balcony overlooking the pool and the same goes for Sheraton Plaza 415 which is slightly larger and without balcony but with the same pool views.

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Short Term Rental Apartment in Hurghada for 2-4prs

Sheraton Plaza 414/415 is a large 79sqm apartment with privacy in mind and ideal for 2-4 persons traveling together as a group of friends, family, or other, as it has two of everything.

Well, almost at least.

The door connecting the two units can be close, and locked, so ideal for larger groups.

Our guests staying in one of the very rare short-term holiday rentals in Hurghada this central, will enjoy two kitchenettes, two bathrooms with shower, two double beds, two washing machines and one balcony located in Sheraton Plaza 414.

Fast WIFI in Our Vacation Rentals in Hurghada at Sheraton Plaza - Book Online on

Fast WIFI @ Sheraton Plaza

Not many short-term holiday rentals in Hurghada offer a fast and private WIFI but we do and we do it FREE of charge.

Both Sheraton Plaza 414 and Sheraton Plaza 415 have a dedicated WIFI only for our guests so only that is a sign how serious we are delivering the best possible experience for our guests without paying exorbitant fees.

Reliable WIFI is an important feature for guests visiting Hurghada to stay in contact with loved one or posting on social media to share their experience with the world.

You can book all our short-term holiday rentals at Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road online on this website or on all the booking websites that we have listed our apartments on.

Holiday Rental at Tiba View Hurghada With a Sea View –

Tiba View T89 – A Rising Star with A Sea View to Match

In early 2021, we will release a new sea view apartment closer to El Gouna at Tiba View.

We were one of the very first investors when this project was released so we managed to secure an upcoming gem when it comes to short term holiday rentals in Hurghada and our property portfolio.

Tiba View T89 is located on the very top floor and is a corner unit with a private balcony facing the vast Red Sea with a panoramic sea view out of this world.

As with our other short-term rental apartments in Hurghada, Tiba View T89 will be equally tastefully furnished and equipped with most bells and whistles to secure the best possible experience and tranquility for our valued guests.

That includes the washing machine and the imported shower blender previously mentioned in this blog post and will come well-polished and varnished to perfection.



You can book a fully furnished holiday rental in Hurghada with free WIFI and well equipped kitchenette at Tiba Resort and Sheraton Plaza on Sheraton Road by the New Marina on AirBnB, TripAdvisor, Expedia, HomeAway, Agoda, and for rental rates as low as only €15/day and even lower during promotions.

Payment options includes 50+ cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash.

Tiba Resort: From €15 / Daily

Sheraton Plaza: From €21 / Daily

Subject to availabilityPayment options & Terms

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