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Have a Morning Brew at Tiba View in Hurghada

Now you can have a fresh brew at Tiba View in Hurghada when you book our stunning sea view holiday rental in Hurghada close to El Gouna, Tiba View T89.

We have previously blogged about the Tiba View Restaurant & Shisha Lounge and now we have the 2.0 version of the same place now called Princessa’s Café ran by new management.

A management that have a highly local attachment to Tiba View in Hurghada as they are locals with own apartments at Tiba View so a brew at Tiba View can’t get more local than that.

The premises have been repainted and look really fresh with a fresh menu straight out of the kitchen so let us take a look at all the goodies you have by your doorstep when booking our vacation rental, Tiba View T89, online.

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Morning Brew at Tiba View in Hurghada

We have shown you the sunset from our sea view balcony at Tiba View T89 before but imagine getting a fresh morning brew at Tiba View and joining the bright sunrise accompanied by the many swimming pools of various sizes in perfect harmony.

A kick can be needed to jumpstart the day so why not having a nice, and potent, Turkish coffee to get going or a milder Café Latte?

Or, if you feel less fancy schnanzy and want more regular stuff, the friendly staff can serve you a milder brew at Tiba View by offering a Nescafé, Cappuccino or an Expresso.

You can also get some nice herbal tea, English tea and some nice local Egyptian tea should you fancy a tea as your morning brew at Tiba View close to El Gouna.

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Breakfast at Tiba View in Hurghada

Eggs, how can that even go wrong for an all day breakfast?

The answer; it can’t.

Get everything from fried eggs to omelettes with cheese with toasts and some nice tomatoes and onions if that is what you fancy. I know we do.

You can’t really go wrong with eggs of any kind when it comes to an all-day-breakfast can you?

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Get Your Juices Flowing @ Tiba View

Stay healthy when staying in our vacation rental at Tiba View T89 by swimming laps, beach walks or simply get some nice vitamins by drinking some fresh juice poolside together with your brew at Tiba View.

Orange is a classic. Strawberry is luxurious and Guava and Mango are the exotic ones that you can order at Princessa’s Café at Tiba View.

Of course, you can also order cool soft drinks such as Pepsi, Sprite and Fanta with, or without, a brew at Tiba View.

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Poolside Lunch @ Tiba View

All day lunches are readily available for you to enjoy alongside a brew at Tiba View and there are plenty to choose from when visiting Princessa´s Café in Hurghada.

Tuna Salad, chicken breast salad and a nice cheese salad can be ordered on the lighter side while burgers with fries, with or without cheese, are standing classics on the heavier side but excellent meals.

The liver sandwich can be order as a standalone dish, just as any brew at Tiba View can be ordered anytime of the day, or with fresh French fries on the side or with whatever you like really.

The staff will always make sure you get what you want, the way that you want it.

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Princessa´s Café Specials

Evening meals are posted on the board and they range from all-you-can eat barbecues to everything else so well worth keeping an eye out for.

The evening meals and specials usually requires pre-booking to make sure optimal quality and attention from the local staff at Princessa´s Café at Tiba View.

If you book our holiday rental close to El Gouna, Tiba View T89, you will have the luxury of having this establishment, ran with a big heart right, by your very doorstep and a brew at Tiba View in Hurghada is never far away.

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Book Tiba View T89 Online

Our sea view holiday rental in Hurghada with a nice private balcony at Tiba View will be ready in 2021 delayed due to Corona but will be well worth the wait.

A top floor corner unit overlooking the vast Red Sea is never wrong and even more so when the sea view is unobstructed so hard to describe it as anything else than great.

The closeness to El Gouna from Tiba View is an amazing added value as El Gouna is one of the absolute most well-known tourist destinations in the whole Red Sea region but with property and rental prices to go with it.

The great location of Tiba View, along with our well-known value for money for all our holiday rentals in Hurghada at Tiba Resort, Sheraton Plaza and Tiba View T89, makes this a real bargain and even more so when you taste the morning coffee brew at Tiba View.

Stay tuned here in our blog for more info on the release of the much anticipated holiday rental with a stunning sea view, Tiba View T89, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated.



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